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Why should I study a second language?

  1. Canada is not only a bilingual country but also a multilingual and multicultural country.

  2. Think of all the great places you can visit and the new people you can meet when you can understand and speak other languages. 

  3. Career opportunities: 

          * Geological, geophysical, mining and petroleum companies

          * Business community

          * Health and education

          * Technology


No previous knowledge of this language is required. The classroom emphasis will be on oral communication. You will also learn the fundamentals of written Spanish and explore diverse aspects of Spanish culture in the world.


Spanish 20 continues to expand on the vocabulary and grammar introduced in Spanish 10. The emphasis is on sentence and paragraph construction in the past tense.


Spanish 30 is the final course in this three- year series. The emphasis is on developing basic oral and written communication skills.

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