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CHORAL MUSIC 10/20/30 (5 credits)
No musical experience is required. Open for all students who love to sing in Grades 10 through 12. The choir meets one-two times a week at lunch with an opportunity to explore many types of music including contemporary, pop, christian and folk. We perform at a winter concert at Youville for the residents and occasionally perform within our community. 

GENERAL MUSIC 10/20/30 - Rock & Pop  (5 credits each)

A music class that allows students to study music and musical creativity in a unique way! Develop your talents as a rock or pop musician, study composition and recording and sound reinforcement techniques while fine tuning technical skills on the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or vocals. Rock/Pop bands will be formed as well as solo performances. At the end of term, groups plan and organize a major performance on stage in one of our performance areas.

Proficiency on your instrument is a pre-requisite.

GUITAR 15 (5 credits) 

      …. and who doesn’t want to play guitar???? not you that’s for sure!!!! Guitar 15 students are introduced to the basics of proper playing technique, chords, chords progression, reading music, scales used in improvising and the history and literature of the acoustic and electric guitar!


GUITAR 25/35 (5 credits each)

Prerequisite: Guitar 15 

This course builds upon the skills of students completing Guitar 15. Greater technical ability is required as more emphasis is put on ensemble playing of more advanced music. There is also more emphasis on aspects of composition and improvisation such as voice leading, seventh chords, and advanced scales.


INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC 10/20/30 (5 credits) - Concert Band
STRIKE IT UP!!! Instrumental Music 10/20/30 explores the basic fundamentals of music structure, com- position and style. Course content includes study of his/her own instrument, ear training, theoretical studies, conducting and ensemble playing.

Prerequisite: Enrolment in Instrumental Music 10, 20, or 30 or General Music 10/20/30

Funk! Swing! Jump Blues! Salsa! Rock! Students in this high energy big, bad band do it all! Jazz Band is for all horn players with a rhythm section of guitar, bass and piano/keyboards. This is a fun and rewarding addition to the instrumental Music course. This course is designed to explore the basics of improvisation and ensemble playing in the jazz idiom. (It is recommended that students have some prior knowledge of at least one of: Bass, Guitar, Drums or Keyboard (students are expected to provide their own instruments).


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