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Construction & Fabrications

Have you ever wanted to take a class where you get to decide what you want to learn?  Then Construction and Fabrication is for you!  Not only do you get to decide what skills you want to learn, but you get a say in what projects you get to create along the way!  As you level up your skills you are awarded new and exciting opportunities to choose your own projects, further improve your skills, and create your own adventure making this course truly about you!


Do you want to explore the world of woodworking? Do you want to learn how to operate a table saw?

A compound miter-saw? A jointer? Do you want to learn to use modern and traditional joinery techniques like pocket holes and box joints?

The construction technology program explores traditional hand and power tool woodworking

techniques typically used in the building of cabinets and furniture.  Starting with simple hand tools and working our way up to the major power tools like the the Table Saw, you will be  mentored to increase your skills, self-confidence, and independence.  

The main focus of this program is the development of woodworking skills.  Use of Mitre Saws, Lathes, Table Saws, Jointers, Planers, etc. will all be encouraged to assist in the creation of our projects.  Traditional joinery techniques mixed with modern technology and skills all serve to help you be successful in any direction you choose to go.

This is a lab based course with students completing projects that are designed to build their craftsmanship in a logical sequence.  At all levels of this program, students will be required to complete pre-requisite projects to ensure that core skills are in place. Once these required projects are complete, students may build additional projects of their own choosing.  A mature, team- oriented and goal-driven attitude is essential for success in this program.


Students will create and assemble parts and projects in a shop environment using current industry equipment and techniques.  You will learn a variety of metal working skills which include  ARC and MIG welding techniques.  You will also explore cutting and shaping metal  throughCNC, Plasma, and Oxy Acetylene.  In addition to working primarily with metal all students will gain basic skills in construction such as shop safety, measurement, application of math, and project planning and layout.

Similar to Construction, students will produce meaningful projects and have the opportunity to design and construct their own projects as their skills progress.

Modules in mechanics will help you build the skills to repair and maintain your toys and tools at home. Students will have the opportunity to explore basic mechanical systems such as engines, fuel systems, fluids,brakes, electrical components, etc. in order to gain the confidence and skills to diagnose and repair small problems on vehicles and equipment around them. Although automotive mechanics will not be explicitly covered, the skills learned working on small engines are easily transferable.

*Students must provide their own engine or small vehicle (ie. Lawn Mower, riding tractor, scooter, etc.) and are responsible for all parts costs.

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