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WORK EXPERIENCE & RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

Building Bright Futures


Work Experience is an off-campus education program where students will be able to earn credits as they learn essential skills in the workplace. The program consists of three courses - Work Experience 15, 25 and 35. Students may obtain between 3 to 10 high school credits in each of these courses (one credit for every 25 hours worked). Complete details about Work Experience can be found here:

RAP - Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) allows students, the opportunity to be enrolled in high school, and also work as a paid apprentice. The program is designed to allow you to simultaneously complete high school and 1000 hour towards the 1500 required hours for the first year apprenticeship in your designated Trade.


Complete information about the RAP program and links to Apprenticeship and Industry Training can be found here:

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