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SOCIAL STUDIES 10-2, 20-2, 30-2

This program sequence begins in Social 10-2 in which students explore the history of globalization and its effects on land, culture, human rights and quality of life. Students in Social 30-2 examine historical and contemporary understandings of nationalism in Canada and the world. In Social 30-2, students examine the origins, values and components of competing ideologies. Successful completion of this program provides access to most certificate/diploma programs in colleges and technical institutions.


Social Studies Flow Chart2023.png

Social Studies 30-2 or Social Studies 30-1

SOCIAL STUDIES 10-1, 20-1, 30-1

This program sequence is designed for academic students with strong communication skills. Students in Social 10-1 explore the origins of globalization and its impact, locally, nationally and internationally, on culture, economies, human rights and quality of life. Social 20-1 students will explore the complexities of nationalism in Canadian and international contexts. Students in Social 30-1 will explore the origins and complexities of ideologies and examine multiple perspectives regarding the principles of classical and modern liberalism. Successful completion of Social 30-1 is a requirement for entrance to most university and some other post-secondary programs.

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