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All students enrolled at École Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School, are required to complete one religion course for each year they attend in order to receive a High School graduation diploma SACHS. Our three year faith theme is “Get up, Get going, and Go with God”. Students will experience and witness the good in all of us during their three years at SACHS. 

RELIGIOUS STUDIES (Roman Catholic) 15 - Christ and Culture
The Religious Studies 15 course helps students gain a deeper understanding of the mystery of life and love in Jesus Christ and its permeation in everyday life. The program explores major cultural issues from a Christological perspective.

RELIGIOUS STUDIES (Roman Catholic) 25 - Scripture
The Religious Studies 25 course challenges students to look at Scripture more in-depth and with critical thinking. Students will explore the Jewish historical, religious, and cultural world into which the Messiah was born and the Old Testament covenant fulfilled.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (Roman Catholic) 35 - In Search of the Good

The aim of In Search of the Good is to assist young men and women to understand themselves as moral persons living the way of Christ through an examination of ethical theories, the revelation of sacred Scripture, and the experience and teaching of the Catholic Church.

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