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Physical Education 10 is NOT an option.  You can find more information about the different choices for PE 10 under Academics.  Click here.

The following option courses are just that.... optional.  If you love working out, sports and/or sports med, check out the following courses.


This course is for students who are interested in sport medicine, athletic therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, firefighting, EMT, coaching, pro-athlete, fitness instructor, etc. Students will learn about general health principles and modalities, human anatomy, how the body moves, coaching and more.  There are opportunities for students to receive first aid certification and training in a number of health, wellness and sport career pathways. In addition, these courses will provide many opportunities for hands-on learning through taping, scenarios, field trips, and practical experiences.






YOGA 15 / 25 / 35

Students will experience the health benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness while developing their well-being and personal management skills – skills which will help them to balance school, work and other life priorities.  The course is designed to introduce students to basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga.  Students will also learn the historical roots of yoga and the anatomy and physiology of the postures practiced during class.




Students taking Hockey Academy, will recieve the Phys Ed 10 credits (which is a required course for all HS students)  , as well as receiving credits in Sports Performance (which counts as an option course).  St. Albert High School Sports Academy runs in the first semester. Athletes are able to earn 5 Physical Education credits and 2 Sports Performance credits.
Athletes are on the ice Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00 A.M. – 8:55 A.M. Athletes get to the rink on their own  in the morning and are bussed back to SACHS after the ice time.

Monday and Thursday mornings are sports performance classes at SACHS.

Contact Geoff Giacobbo: or 780-459-4478 for more information on Academy programs.

(Please note... this was missing from one of the original course request form sheets that was handed out at the Junior High schools.  If you would like to take it, please write it in and Rank it as one of your top options on the sheet).


Sports Medicine

Hockey Academy
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