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FRENCH (French as a Second Language)

Why should I study a second language?

  1. Canada is not only a bilingual country but also a multilingual and multicultural country.

  2. Think of all the great places you can visit and the new people you can meet when you can understand and speak other languages. 

  3. Career opportunities: 

          * Geological, geophysical, mining and petroleum companies

          * Business community

          * Health and education

          * Technology


The course offers new challenges by exploring different life situations using French as the language of communication. The use of communicative activities, authentic documents, partner and group work based on real life situations will be emphasized.


French 20-9y is an academic course designed for the student wishing to improve his/her French at the intermediate/advanced level. This course not only focuses on listening to and speaking French, but reading and writing in the second language.


Students will continue to improve and perfect all language skills, using French exclusively as the language of communication in the classroom. This course can be used for entrance to post-secondary institutions.

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