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Media, Design & Communication

Each module in this course is worth one credit and takes approximately three weeks (5 credit) to five weeks (3 credit) to complete.


There is no prerequisite required to take the class in grade 10.  However, there are prerequisites for modules at the 20 (grade 11) & 30 (grade 12) levels.


Students have a variety of modules to choose from and can mix and match from the following areas of study: 


Raster Graphics:  Learn to use Adobe Photoshop to edit digital pictures.


Vector Graphics:  Learn to use Adobe Illustrator to design logos, letterheads, business cards, signs, t-shirts and/or stickers.  


Video Production:  Learn to use iMovie and/or Adobe Premiere to create video projects. 


Audio Production:  Learn to use Garageband to create unique musical compositions. 


Business Applications:  Learn to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) & improve keyboarding skills.

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